Echoes of the Ancestors


Echoes of the Ancestors, a book by Geoff King

In this thrilling adventure for adults, two dissimilar brothers at opposite ends of Britain find themselves and their companions drawn into a mystery of dreams, telepathy, ancient power and loss.

When Charlie is approached by his boss to undertake a carving commissioned by anonymous but wealthy clients, he becomes plagued by disturbing dreams.

His brother Adam's escape into his stoner lifestyle also gradually unravels as elements of his past come back to haunt him.

One young woman’s secret, once exposed, creates unforeseen implications for them all. Meanwhile, in a secluded castle, the lives of two teenage sisters are to change for ever—they become separated for the first time when one them departs to "meet the Ancestors".

As they all struggle to adapt to rapidly changing circumstances, they find themselves and their companions embroiled in kidnap, murder, extrasensory powers and a flight for their lives.

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